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"The key to a fabulous vacation at Disney is planning in advance."

Our Walt Disney World Tips

The following information is what we used in planning our past trips to Walt Disney World. We will include links to websites and general information to make your planning easy and affordable.

Our Walt Disney World tip section includes only tips that we used while on vacation.


Our Walt Disney World Vacations Online

1. First Walt Disney World Vacation

2. Second Walt Disney World Vacation

3. Coming Soon! Information on Our Disney Cruise abroad the "Magic". It was AWESOME!!

Walt Disney World Tips:

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Did you know that?

  • A good suggested amount of time for a Walt Disney Vacation is 5 days - that way you will get to see a lot, if not all, of the 4 major theme parks.

  • Bring your own bottled water! Disney allows it, and you will save a small fortune. The best way is to freeze your water the night before. If you don't mind the taste of the local water all of the counter service restaurants in the theme parks give out FREE ice water!

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