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California Poppy

California Poppy


This fact sheet provides basic information about California Poppy. The California poppy is a flowering plant native to California, but is also found in many regions of central Europe and southern France. It is most commonly known for its use as a sedative and for its antispasmodic properties; however, unlike its cousin the red poppy, the California poppy is not addictive.

Common Names

California poppy

Latin Names

Eschscholzia californica

What It Is Used For

  • Relieving toothaches
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Also appears to be useful for mild cases of colic, sleeplessness, tension, and anxiety in children.

How It Is Used

California poppy leaves were used medicinally by Native Americans, and the pollen was used cosmetically. The seeds are also used in cooking. Extract from the California poppy acts as a mild sedative when smoked, the effect is far milder than that of opium, which contains a different class of alkaloids.

What the Science Says

  • Very little research has been conducted on this element.

Side Effects and Cautions

  • Very little research has been conducted on this element.


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